Privacy Policy

Polaris Office Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") attaches great importance to the protection of the personal information saved on the Polaris Kit Services by its members (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”), and makes its best efforts to protect such personal information. This Privacy Policy regulates the range, reasons, and usage of the information that the Company collects from its members.

- This Privacy Policy will become effective as of July 18, 2014.

1. Collectible Personal Information and Collection Methods

The Company collects and stores the following information for the purpose of enhancing user experience.
① Information provided by members
- The Company collects the e-mail addresses, passwords, names, trade names,, and contact information provided by its members when they sign up.
② Information collected when members use the services
- The usage of demo versions (download time, downloaded versions), the usage of official products (download time, downloaded versions, issuance of license keys, and usage data), and any payment information that is necessary to make a transaction, including credit card information, address, and other items, may be collected.

2. Purposes of Collecting Personal Information

The Company will use its members’ personal information for the following purposes only, and when there is a change in the purposes, the Company will collect prior consent from the members:
① To verify users' subscription and to create new accounts,
② To identify its members, breaches of the terms of use, and the validity of license keys,
③ To provide its members with the services promised and charge any fees incurred,
④ To search, register, or inform other users registered in the contact information or other members whom the members may know,
⑤ To provide a variety of Polaris Office services, respond to questions or complaints that may occur during the use of services, and notify users of important information,
⑥ And to provide members with product or event information. Members who do not wish to receive any promotional e-mails may inform the Company not to send promotional materials. Members can reach the customer service via Contact Us.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company uses its members’ personal information only for the purposes described in Purposes of Collecting Personal Information and does not disclose it to third parties. However, there are exceptions when:
① A member has given his or her prior consent to the Company. - Even in such a case, the Company will give the users a prior notice of the persons to be provided with personal information, the purpose of disclosure, items of personal information to be provided, and the retention and use period of personal information, and obtain their express and individual consent with respect thereto.
② An investigative agency requires personal information based on relevant laws and regulations.

4. Correction of Personal Information and Membership Withdrawal

① Members may, at any time, check or correct their personal information. Members who want to check or correct their personal information may do so by clicking My info > Account Information.
② Members may, at any time, withdraw their consent given to the Company at the time of their membership subscription. As for the withdrawal of consent, a member may inform the Company's customer service center via Contact Us or contact the related personnel in writing, by telephone, or via e-mail. Upon receiving such a contact, the Company will take necessary measures to cancel the member's membership without delay. The Company shall inform the member of the measures it has taken, such as canceling the membership, destroying the member's personal information, etc.

5. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information

The Company shall use its members' personal information in a limited fashion as long as they are provided with Services. Collected personal information shall be destroyed without delay when the user requests to cancel their membership, withdraw their consent given to the Company regarding the collection and usage of their personal information, the Company realizes its purposes with the collected information, or the retention or usage period expires. However, the Company may retain certain personal information for a specified period for the following reasons:
① Company’s internal policies require it to be retained.
② Relevant laws require the Company to retain certain information. In the event that it is necessary to preserve personal information under relevant laws including the Commercial Code, the Act Relating to Consumer Protection in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc., the Company retains the information of members for a certain period of time prescribed under relevant laws. For these cases, the Company shall retain its members' personal information only for the preservation of information, and the period is as follows:
A. Service agreement and/or withdrawal records Reason for retention: the Act Relating to Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc. Retention period: five (5) years
B. Payment and transaction records Reason for retention: the Act Relating to Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc. Retention period: five (5) years
C. Electronic financial transaction records Reason for retention : the Electronic Financial Transaction Act. Retention period: five (5) years
D. Complaints and arbitration records Reason for retention: the Act Relating to Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc. Retention period : three (3) years
E. Website activity records Reason for retention: the Communications Secret Protection Act. Retention period: three (3) months
F. Labeling and advertising records Reason for retention: the Act Relating to Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc. Retention period: six (6) months

6. Destruction Procedures and Methods for Personal Information

The Company, in principle, shall destroy its members' personal information without delay if the purposes of collection or use of such personal information have been achieved.
The Company shall destroy its members' personal information in the methods described below:
① Destruction Procedures
A. The information entered by users for membership subscription and other purposes shall be moved to a separate database after the purposes of such collection have been fulfilled (a separate document in the case of paper documents), and shall be destroyed after the information has been stored for a period of time according to the information protection reasons under the internal policies or other relevant laws (see the retention and use period for reference).
B. The personal information shall not be used for purposes other than information retention, unless otherwise required by laws.
② Destruction Methods
A. Paper documents containing personal information shall be shredded by a paper shredder or destroyed by incineration.
B. Personal information stored in electronic files is to be deleted with the use of technical methods in which records cannot be regenerated.

7. Children and Protection Policies

The services are not for children who are younger than fourteen (14) years old. The Company does not collect personal information from children of fourteen (14) years old or younger. In the event that the Company comes to know that it has collected personal information of children of fourteen (14) years old or younger, it will take relevant measures to delete such personal information as soon as possible.

8. Changes in Privacy Policy

The Company may change its privacy policy for the purpose of implementing changes in the laws or the Services. In the event that there is an addition to, deletion of, or changes in the content of the current privacy policy, the Company will publicly announce such content through the Notifications section of the website at least seven (7) days prior to the amendment. However, where there is an important change in the user rights, such as collection and use of personal information or provision of personal information to third parties, the Company will publicly announce such knowledge at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date.

9. Security

The Company shall make efforts to protect its Services and users from unauthorized access, modifications, disclosure, or deletion of information that is retained by the Company.
If a member desires to access user data stored by the Services, he or she needs a password. Sensitive data entered by members in order to make a payment (credit card information, etc.) is protected by SSL encryption.
However, considering that the Internet, wired or not, is not a 100% safe environment, the Company cannot guarantee security of the information sent to the Company by its members. Members shall acknowledge that it is possible for the Company to fail to protect its members' personal information from being accessed, disclosed, modified, or destroyed as a result of its physical, technical, and/or managerial safeguards being compromised.

10. Accepting or Rejecting Automated Personal Information Collector

① What are cookies?
A. The Company uses cookies to provide its members with individualized and customized Services.
B. Cookies are tiny text files that are sent to the browsers of users' computers by website servers, which are then stored in the hard discs of users' computers. Thereafter, when users visit a website, the website server reads the content of cookies stored in the users' hard discs and uses them to maintain the environment settings of the users and provides users with customized services.
C. Cookies do not automatically and actively collect identifiable personal information, and users may, at any time, refuse the use of cookies.
② Purpose of the Company’s Use of Cookies The Company provides its users with a quicker web environment by saving the users' settings and other information with cookies, and uses them to improve the convenience of the Services. As a result, users can use the Services more easily. In addition, the Company provides its users with customized services, including advertisements, by recognizing its users' usage patterns.
③ Accepting or Rejecting Cookies
A. Users decide whether they want to set up cookies. Users may allow all cookies, have them confirm cookies whenever they are saved, or disable them altogether by selecting an option in the web browser.
B. However, when users disable cookies, they may face inconveniences in using the website or have difficulties in using some of the Services that require login.
C. The methods to enable or disable cookies are as follows:
- For Internet Explorer users: From the top section of the browser, click the menu of Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings.
- For Chrome users: Expand the menu items by clicking the menu icon, and click Settings > Show advanced settings... and click Content settings under Privacy.

11. Contract Information

Members who have questions regarding the Privacy Policy may contact the Company via e-mail.

- E-Mail:

Date of Notification: July 18th, 2014
Effective Date: July 19th, 2014