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Polaris Office SDK

Polaris Office SDK is the best mobile Office SDK solution for improvement in productivity and document security. Polaris Office SDK is based on its globally well-known smart Office program, Polaris Office.

Office product optimized for the mobile environment

Polaris Office SDK is a solution that provides Polaris Office’s full Editor version as a development kit. It is the easiest and most powerful Office product that is optimized for the mobile environment. Polaris Office allows users to easily create documents in various formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF, arrange data quickly and accurately, and add fabulous effects to presentations—all on smart devices. Viewer is also provided to review documents quickly and efficiently.

Key features

Polaris Office SDK provides optimized features for various business environments.

  • Open documents and create new documents
    Users can edit major Office documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as TXT, PDF, and RTF. Users can also create documents in docx, xlsx, or pptx formats, or save them in different formats.
  • Edit text and apply various format styles
    Users can edit various text properties including size, color, and weight. In addition, users can create various formats by sorting paragraphs and inserting bullets
  • Insert various objects
    With just a few taps, various objects such as shapes, images, tables, and charts can be easily inserted into documents. Users can also set advanced style options, including Fill Color, Outline, Shadow, and 3D Effect.
  • Quick and accurate data analysis
    Data can be easily rearranged by using Sort and Filter function, and data can be quickly analyzed by applying key formulas on excel documents.
  • Edit Slides and use Slide Show
    Inserting, editing slides and adding slides notes are available for presentation and display presentation in Slide Show mode any time and anywhere.
  • Smart pen tool
    A special pen tool only available in Polaris Kit allows users to draw or insert various shapes, making it easy to create documents on smart devices.
  • Annotation
    Insert Ink Annotations and PDF Annotations during the Slide Show to quickly and easily add comments to documents.
  • Convert to PDF
    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents can be easily converted and saved as PDF files. The saved files can be shared via email or cloud storage.

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Applicable fields
Companies and organizations that need to improve productivity by integrating office application functionality to current work systems
Companies and organizations that need to enhance the security of confidential documents containing business data