Frequently asked questions on Polaris Kit.

What is Polariskit.com?
Polariskit.com sells software kit products based on Polaris Office products to developers and business-related persons at the website for easy purchase.
You can also find the free demo versions available for direct download and installment at the website. Users who purchased our SDK products can update the products with the latest patch for optimal performance.
What products are available?
Polaris Office/PDF/Viewer SDK products are provided as SDK to apply to various applications and systems.
In addition, various license types are available at affordable prices for various business sizes. More extended SDK and APP products will be available later.
For more detailed product specifications and license types, see the Purchase menu. For the detailed product features, see the Feature menu.
How can I use the demo version?
At least 90% of the features provided by the original product is available in the demo version. However, to use the demo version, you need to complete a simple sign-up process.
Which OS types are available for Polaris Office/PDF/Viewer SDK products?
Polaris Office/PDF/Viewer SDK products support two OS types: Android and iOS. You can choose the desired OS when you purchase the product.
I use your 1-year-license product. Can I extend the license?
Yes. You can find the menu to extend your license period at My Page > Purchase History at the top. Log in to the website and then go to My Page > Purchase History; click on Extend License Period at the bottom of the product name from the list to extend the license period for as long as you want.
  • If you have any other questions or inquiries, please send an email to
  • Contact the person in charge by e-mail : polariskit@polarisoffice.com